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Learning can be fun and effective at the same time!

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Learning is useful and important but it can be undoubtedly difficult and boring especially when it comes to the repetitive process.

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Playing video games is fun. Arguably, however, is the time spent playing games, regardless, it is still motivating and engaging.

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Learning together is the best! Create a learning group for your friends, children, students, classmates, and share a set of relevant memos!

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To ensure their safety, children under a certain age will have to link their user accounts to the account of an adult. The adult account needs to be created separately by a parent.

You need to be logged into your own account, go to your profile (top menu bar), and then click on CREATE CHILD USER. By filling in the form, you generate a unique user with a password that your child can use to sign in to Memomoti.

Learning groups are communities on Memomoti that users can join and be invited to. If children under a certain age are invited to a new learning group, parents will be notified.

Go to your dashboard. Click on ADD LEARNER under your learning group. Start typing the username of the person you would like to invite. An invitation will be sent out to the registered email address. If the user is a child, the invitation will be sent to the email address the linked parent's account was registered with. The invitee needs to accept your invitation, then they will show up on your member list.

Learning groups can only be joined by invitation. For you to join someone else's group, they need to invite you first.
A memo is a piece of learning content that can be added to Memomoti in either Q&A or quiz format.
To create a memo, go to your memo field and press CREATE MEMO. Add a minimum of 6 questions. Add at least 1 answer for each for the Q&A format. Add 1 correct and 3 false answers for each for the quiz format. Give your memo a title and description, and save it.
After having finished creating a memo, press PLAY MEMO. You are ready to play Memomoti games in your browser.
To use the Memomoti app for mobile devices, please download our app from the Play Store for Android devices, or the Appstore for iOS. Sign in to your Memomoti account. Your memos will sync on your device. Press PLAY MEMO to start practicing!
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